ICS 1000 di Vecow
14 May 2024

Here it is the new Vecow ICS-1000 PC

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22 April 2024

Here it comes the new Vecow RCX-3000 PEG PC series

RCX-3000 PEG In this newsletter we present the new PC series from Vecow RCX-3000 PEG.The RCX PEG family is updated with the new Raptor Lake architecture; these PCs are declinablefor two macro-types of applications: In fact, it is possible to install 2 video cards within this family of PCs with a power budget of 1800W…

28 March 2024

Embedded World 2024

From 9 to 11 April we will be present as exhibitors at the next Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg. It will be a great opportunity to present the proprietary solutions and PCs of our partner Vecow. Visit us at Hall 1 Vecow Booth 1-440 Specifically, we will present a really interesting Artificial Intelligence (AI) application,…

22 February 2024

GPU SuperServer SYS-821GE-TNHR. It is finally here!

We are proud to share with you the immense satisfaction given by the arrival in TPole of the new GPU SuperServer SYS-821GE-TNHR. This was ordered by one of our customers. We share this result with our supplier Supermicro who we thank for the excellent support provided. GPU SuperServer SYS-821GE-TNHR We have already presented the GPU…

18 January 2024

Liquid cooling solution

EVS-2000 LIQ • Innovative Liquid Cooling Solution serves 5°C to 55°C fanless operating temperature supporting up to 110W TDP MXM Graphics • Workstation-grade Platform : 10-Core 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 Processor (Comet Lake-S)• ® MXM graphics card delivers leading AI computing productivity by advanced NVIDIA® CUDA® cores• Multiple 5G/WiFi 6/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS, 1 PCI/PCIe.• DC 9V…

21 November 2023

TPole takes you to the edge of technology

Today TPole presents a solution truly at the edge of technology; as tangible proof of this statement it is useful to analyze the performance that intelligent CPU and GPU units, although it would be better to say, Dual CPU and Multi GPU, are able to offer. GPU SuperServer SYS-821GE-TNHR CPU As regards the CPUs, to…

18 October 2023

UPS Supercap by Vecow

Today we present a very interesting feature currently available on the Vecow ECX-3400 model: integrated UPS based on a battery pack made up of super capacitors (Supercap). Supercap technology: 2 distinctive elements This technology is characterized by two very important aspects that make it preferable to the more traditional lead and lithium ion technologies: Total…

20 September 2023

ECX-3000 PEG Series

We present the new family of PCs from Vecow ECX-3000 PEG Series, based on the 12/13th gen. Intel® Core™ Alder and Raptor Lake. On these PCs we can install 12th and 13th generation processors with 65W TPD. These processors in the i5 versions (only for the 13th generation), i7 and i9 have two types of…

20 July 2023

mii470 Special Version

At the request of one of our customers, we have created a mii470 that can house an NVIDIA video card, compatible with the thermal and electrical specifications of the product. The request for this integration was born to satisfy an application of AI in the industrial field. The technical specifications of the RTX-A2000 have satisfied…

21 June 2023

4th Generation Intel® Scalable processors

Today we present the 4th generation of scalable processors, the new generation of Xeon processors for applications that really require very high performance. Key Point 4th Generation Processors hanks to the table below it is possible to have a picture of the CPUs present in this new family and their main characteristics. No benchmark data…

25 May 2023

TPole specializes in providing ARM architecture

Given the continuous growth in the demand for ARM architectures, in TPole we have decided to dedicate our area of ​​software services to these platforms as well. The customization of Microsoft operating systems has always been our prerogative, this has allowed us to qualify ourselves with our customers, not only as suppliers of hardware, but…

13 April 2023

New Vecow EAC-5000-OOB

It is a great pleasure to present you the new EAC-5000-OOB, ideal for Vehicle computing and AMR applications. Vecow EAC-5000-OOB is powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform that features an Arm® Cortex®-A78AE CPU delivering up to 275 TOPS of AI performance and integrates an advanced NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 64 Tensor Cores. It’s…

15 March 2023

Box PC AVS-320 by Aplex

We present the new Aplex AVS-320 box PC. AVS-320 is characterized by excellent computing performance and high graphics performance. All in a compact, light, robust, reliable and powerful box. The product is aimed at the following market sectors: Box PC AVS-320 main features Here are the main features of the product: The AVS-320 is powered…

14 February 2023

Workstation-grade Platform IVX-1000 by Vecow

Presentiamo oggi i due nuovi modelli della ditta Vecow: Sono due vere e proprie Workstation dedicate ad applicazioni Railways e in-Vehicle. Basate sulla nuova generazione di processori Raptor Lake (13th Gen. Intel® Core). Prodotti robusti e affidabili I mercati di destinazione hanno guidato il costruttore a creare prodotti estremamente robusti ed affidabili sia dal punto…

16 January 2023

HELIO by APLEX: the brand new HMI series for the Smart Factory

We are pleased to introduce the HELIO Panel PC series, the brand new completely fanless automation solution from APLEX Technology Inc. This new series of Panel PCs includes HMI (HELIO-9) and display (HELIO-1). It has a 10.1″ to 21.5″ TFT-LCD with IP66 certified front panel. It is based on 11th generation Intel® Tiger Lake Core™…

22 November 2022

New Panel PC TAICENN based on Processor Intel® Celeron® J6412

TPole presents the new range of Panel PCs from its partner TAICENN, based on the new Intel® Celeron® J6412 processor, belonging to the Elkhart Lake SoC family. From 10.4″ to 21.5″ 10-touch resistive or PCAP touch panel Panel mount or VESA mounting Fanless design Thin front, only 8mm Power supply 12Vdc or 9-36Vdc as option…

8 November 2022


Discover the new version of the mini PC embedded by TPole Today we present the fifth version of our mii470 embedded mini PC, based on Comet Lake architecture, which is characterized by the high scalability of the installable CPUs. Among these we highlight the i9-10900E which allows you to have as many as 10 physical…

11 October 2022

TPole and Teltonika: the new technological partnership

The era of Big Data, the permanent interconnection of various 5G devices is now a reality. TPole wants to face this challenge together with a partner attentive to new technologies, reliable for the quality of HW products and interfaceable with easy but complete software. This is why we have chosen Teltonika Networks. Teltonika Networks is…

2 September 2022

HMI Solutions

TPole presents the series of Panel PCs of the company Taicenn, our partner for products related to the Human Machine Interface (HMI). The choice of this range is motivated by the modularity that characterizes the cuts of the displays and the hardware architectures used. This wide range of Panel PCs allows us to fully satisfy…

7 July 2022

New PC Vecow EAC-3000

Vecow’s family of PCs based on Jetson architecture grows; today we present EAC-3000 the most performing of the series and the richest in features. The AGX model is evidently more performing, in fact we have 512 Cuda cores and 64 Tensor cores. To simplify the comparison between the models, we remind you that the Jetson…

7 June 2022

New PC Vecow EAC-2000 and EAC-2100

EAC-2000 and EAC-2100 are the new mini PC Vecow based on NVIDIA® module Jetson Xavier™ NX. This module is characterized by an excellent performance / consumption ratio and offers server-class performance: 21 TOPS (at 15 or 20 W) or up to 14 TOPS (at 10 W). It can run multiple neural networks in parallel and…

11 May 2022

New PC Vecow Arm based VAC-1000 and VAC-1100

Today we would like to introduce you the new Vecow VAC-1000 and VAC-1100 mini PCs based on ARM A53 architecture. Find out more about the technical specifications of the products by consulting the detailed datasheets: VAC-1000 VAC-1100 The A53 intelligent unit consists of 24 cores and belongs to the server grade series of ARM processors….

12 April 2022

ECX-3000 Series

We present the new ECX-3000 series of Vecow fanless PCs based on Alder Lake architecture. Alder Lake is the 12th generation of Intel® Core ™ architectures and is the best performing desktop architecture today. On these models it is possible to install 12th generation Intel® Core ™ processors. GO TO PRODUCT Processors available In particular…

22 March 2022

TPBOX 18 the new solution made in TPOLE

TPbox 18 represents the best solution for those looking for a large number of features in very small dimensions: Based on Apollo Lake architecture and configured as follows: quad core E3940 4 GB di RAM 64GB  eMMC Power input 12/24Vdc TPBOX-18 is an excellent solution for applications of: IoT Data logging Machine Vision Machinery LWe declined…

15 December 2021

TPole’s new product TPBox-CFL: the industrial mini PC for every requirement

With TPBox-CFL, we wanted to create a high-performance, easy-to-integrate and cost-effective PC solution for our customers. Are available a wide range of customisation options. Using the available expansion slots, it is possible to adapt the configuration to your own needs. For more information, contact us

15 November 2021

ARCHMI-900B: Aplex’s panel mount panel PCs got updated with Whiskey Lake

ARCHMI-900B: what’s new As it was for the ARCHMI-800 series, which was upgraded from Bay Trail to Apollo Lake platform, also ARCHMI-900, the panel PCs series meant to advanced HMI applications, got updated from Skylake-U (6th Gen) to Whiskey Lake (8th Gen) platform. Two are the available processors: Core i5-8365UE (4C8T) Core i3-8145UE (2C4T) Both…

29 September 2021

Intel® Third generation scalable processor: servers get upgraded

3rd Generation Intel® Scalable Processor: What’s New After presenting the news relating to the desktop (Rocket Lake) and low-power SoC (Elkhart Lake) sectors, the time has come to introduce the latest evolution of the Intel platform dedicated to the server and HPC sectors . We are talking about the third evolution of the Scalable Processor…

31 August 2021

Intel® Elkhart Lake: news and products based on the successor of Apollo Lake

Intel® Elkhart Lake: what’s new Almost a year has passed since the launch of the Elkhart Lake system on chip (SoC) family but only recently products based on it, which is the heir of Apollo Lake, start to be available. We report a performance comparison between Intel Atom x6211E (Elkhart Lake) and Intel Atom x5-E3930…

7 July 2021

Intel ® Rocket Lake: what’s new in the 11th generation desktop processors

Intel ® Rocket Lake: what’s new CPU: two fewer cores, but more performance For the first time, considering the trend of the recent past, Intel reduces the maximum number of cores integrated in the top-of-the-range solution , where it goes from 10 physical cores of the i9-10900K to 8 of the i9-11900K . With this…

28 May 2021

Vecow WCS: water cooling solutions for GPU computing systems

GPU computing systems increasingly adopted in the industrial field In recent years we have witnessed in the industrial field an increased usage of GPUs for tasks that go beyond graphics, such as parallel computing or inference in systems exploiting AI algorithms. Often, systems developed to host one or more GPUs absorb a large amount of…

25 February 2021

Intel® Tiger Lake: what’s new in the 11th generation low power SoC

Intel® Tiger Lake: what’s new With the launch of the Tiger Lake architecture in Q3 2020, Intel® has begun to upgrade the low-power platform used in the consumer environment to create performing laptop solutions. However, the platform is also extremely interesting for the industrial market, since it can be used to create ultra-compact solutions characterized…

2 February 2021

Intel™ 8th generation panel PCs

Whiskey Lake architecture is certainly nothing new in the world of PC platforms, having been launched in 2018. Nowadays there are several compact PC solutions based on this platform which are capable of delivering a considerable level of performance both in absolute value and in relation to the their power consumption, making them ideal for…

23 June 2020

ARCHMI-800A: flexibility of use and Apollo Lake™ for Aplex’s new HMI

The new range retains the winning features of the previous generation, such as the great build quality , the flat front to facilitate cleaning as much as possible, a case made by aluminium die-casting to give the structure high stiffness and resistance through time, but offers an important architectural novelty: the transition to Intel® Atom™…

15 May 2020

Server Vs. Desktop: which architecture to use for digital imaging and machine vision?

It was November 2008 when Intel®, with the presentation of Nahalem, the first generation of the Core ™ architecture, introduced a distinction for solutions aimed at the desktop market segment. Two distinct sockets for as many product ranges : LGA 1150 for mainstream desktops, LGA 1366 for enthusiast products, then called HEDT (High End Desktop)….

15 May 2020

New mii370: the evolution of the species

We present the fourth evolution of our PC for industrial automation, the mii370 : mii for made in italy , 370 for the embedded chipset, the Q370 strong>. Design principles The new model maintains the construction logic of its predecessors aimed at leaving the external mechanical dimensions unchanged , to facilitate field upgrade operations, but…

15 May 2020

APU AMD Ryzen ™: balanced solutions for modern workloads

For the first time after many years of absence from our product portfolio, we present a AMD solution, very interesting for all those applications that in addition to the computational power of the CPU require graphics performance that Intel® integrated solutions cannot guarantee . Let’s talk about the Advanced Processing Units or AMD APU ….

15 May 2020

TPole UPS 120: Wide Range DC Input, UPS and Ignition in a compact-sized module

While defining the technical specifications of the our PC for industrial automation, the mii , we considered essential to be able to offer to the end user features such as the extended power range, the integration of the on-board UPS functionality and the configurable Ignition control. As there is no product that meets all our…

15 May 2020

SPC-5000 and SPC-5100: Intel® Whiskey Lake™ based ultra-compact solutions

After presenting the SPC- 5200 , Vecow completes the range of ultra compact solutions by presenting the SPC- 5000 and 5100 , designed to offer the potential of low consumption processors Intel® Whiskey Lake ™ (i7-8665UE, i5-8365UE, i3-8145UE) in an even more compact design . Speaking of technical specifications, SPC-5000 and SPC-5100 have the same…

29 October 2019

Workstation Grade Systems for Vision and AI – Stress tests on our products

Workstation Grade Systems for Vision and AI TPole presents the RCX-1500 PEG, a family of workstation-class products, expandable, with great computing performance and easy to integrate. These solutions combine the typical robustness of the fanless design for the thermal management of the CPU and chipset, the possibility of mounting up to two full size video cards (267mm…

26 September 2019

Mini PC Whiskey Lake™ – Thermal tests in TPole

TPole introduces the SPC 5200 based on the new Intel® Whiskey Lake ™ processor family. Performance, space, and low power consumption characterize the SPC 5200 as an excellent edge computing solution for video surveillance and vision applications, thanks also to the 4 GigE ports, of which 2 are PoE, and to 8 digital inputs and…

27 August 2019

Intel® Whiskey Lake

Whiskey Lake is the code name of Intel® for the third step of optimization at 14 nm of the Skylake architecture, after Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake. In the world of embedded architecture (long-term, therefore industrial), Whiskey Lake represents a turning point for the innovations it introduces. Compared to previous architectures, the offer consists only…

2 July 2019

Switch Volktek for power substation

TPole presents the new switches Volktek for power substations: Certified accordin to IEEE1613 and IEC61850-3 standards Extended temperature range SEN-9425P-24V-SS – Industrial Switch PoE+ Unmanaged 4 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T PoE+ RJ45 1 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45 2 x 100 FX/Gigabit Slot SFP SEN-9428P-24V-SS – Industrial Switch PoE+ Unmanaged 8 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T PoE+ RJ45 2 x 100 FX/Gigabit Slot SFP SEN-9648P-24V-SS –…

21 May 2019

Volktek Switches for railway applications

TPole introduces the Volktek’s switches specific for railway applications: certified according to EN50155 and EN50121-4 at extended temperature range IEN-9425-RW – Unmanaged Industrial Switch Gigabit Ethernet 5 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ports 2 x Gigabit SFP Slots EN-9428-RW – Unmanaged Industrial Switch Gigabit Ethernet 8 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ports 2 x Gigabit SFP Slots Switches with PoE option…

23 April 2019

A reliable, high-performance, scalable computing server! 3U8G + / C621

3U8G+/C621   Based on Skylake architecture; on this server we can install up to two Intel® Xeon® 8180 Platinum processors, so we have 56 physical cores available (112 logical cores using Hyper Threading).   16 Slot for DIMMs 6 channel memory technology.   8 GPU Up to 8 x GPGPU card or 8 x GPGPU /…

26 March 2019

TPole solutions for vertical market: ATEX environment

ATEX Enviroment ATEX è il nome convenzionale che raggruppa due direttive dell’Unione europea: la 2014/34/UE per la regolamentazione di apparecchiature destinate all’impiego in zone a rischio di esplosione; la direttiva si rivolge ai costruttori di attrezzature destinate all’impiego in aree con atmosfere potenzialmente esplosive e si manifesta con l’obbligo di certificazione di questi prodotti; la 99/92/CE…

26 February 2019

Embedded World 2019

The Embedded World 2019 takes place from 26th to 28th February 2019 at the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, one of the world’s most important meetings for the international embedded community, an ideal event to discuss the state of the art of industrial technology. About 1000 exhibitors from 38 countries are expected, more than 250 international…

25 February 2019

Food & Beverage applications

We present two valid proposals for application in the food and beverage market. The products fully comply with the high standards of quality, safety and reliability required by this market. PANEL PC ViTAM Panel PC ViTAM based on Atom and icore architecture dimensions from 10.1” to 23.8” Construction 304 Stainless steel chassis 316 Stainless steel…

22 January 2019

TPOLE Apollo Lake solutions Board Level

Today we present you 3 boards based on the new Apollo Lake architecture. 1. IMB 156J – Mini ITX cost effective solution based on Celeron J3455 Intel® Apollo Lake SoC Processor J3455 Supports Dual Channel DDR3L SO-DIMM 1867,up to 8GB ‧1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 1 x LVDS (eDP by BOM option) 4 xUSB 3.0, 4 x…

11 December 2018

This Christmas we choose to donate!

Throughout the year our technical, commercial and administrative areas work with care and precision to offer the best to our customers. We do it because we love our work and we believe that attention to detail distinguishes us and is one of our strengths. But TPole is not just this. We are convinced that ethics…

27 November 2018

Mini PC Atom Apollo Lake

In the last newsletter we analyzed the Apollo Lake System on Chip (hereafter are the main features). We now present two Vecow mini-PCs based on Atom Apollo Lake. These are the PCs SPC4000 family that are richest of features; the former is suitable for industrial applications, while the latter, having the ignition, is ideal for vehicle applications….

6 November 2018

Atom Apollo Lake Processors

Today we present the new Apollo Lake Atom series processors. These processors, like the previous architectures Baytrail and Braswell, reach a maximum of 4 physical cores and do not support hyper threading, each single core is therefore able to manage a single thread. Here we will deal only with the most performing CPUs, those quad…

25 September 2018

Fanless PC Vecow 8th Gen. Intel® Core™ – Coffee Lake

TPole presents the new range of fanless PCs based on Intel® Coffee Lake architecture. Let’s find out together the main features of these innovative embedded systems. 1. Up to 12 cores: 6 physical + 6 logical 2. Up to 9 LAN ports with 4 Poe+ ports 3. Up to 10 Gbit transfer rate with ethernet…

18 July 2018

Intel Coffee Lake Processors

We present the 8th generation of Intel Core processors, called Intel Coffee Lake. In particular, we will analyze the desktop version. Coffee Lake is a real revolution, in fact the i3, i5 and i7 processors are structurally different (in terms of physical cores) from the previous ones and for the first time, we have 6…

26 June 2018

mii170 – 6th & 7th Gen. Intel® Core

We present the third generation of our mini PC mii, the mii170. Total mechanical backward compatibility with older models 35% more in terms of computational performance 2 times the graphics performance. Power supply with integrated UPS Compatibility with Windows 7 only for CPU of 6th gen (Skylake) Discover all mii170’s fesatures Confronto processori 3rd vs…

3 May 2018

Switch Lite Managed

Discover the steps to follow to install a switch lite managed. Discover our Switch Lite Managed

20 March 2018

New Lite Managed Switches

Lite Managed Switches are switches with a reduced number of features compared to the classic Full Managed Switches; the features maintained on the lite line are particularly suitable for the use in the world of machinery and industrial automation. This optimization translates into significant savings on the purchase price compared to the classic managed switch….

23 January 2018

Fanless PC ARS 2000 series

Today we would like to introduce you the ARS 2000 mini PC series equipped with Kaby Lake and Skylake Mobile architecture. The TdP of these SoC (​​only 15W), allows you to”easily” work  without any fan with the use of small heat sinks. The fanless mini PCs ARS 2000 series are characterized by 3 fundamental aspects….

22 November 2017

Low power consumption mobile Kaby Lake CPU

We would like to introduce you the new low power Mobile Kaby Lake CPUs. These are the main features: they are system on chip, so they integrate all the features in one chip 2 physical cores and 2 logic cores TDP of just 15W It is always very interesting to evaluate processor’s benchmark data. As…

24 October 2017

Our products with Kaby Lake Intel® i Core™

We present some products that can be equipped with Kaby Lake S Intel® i Core™ processor. We note that since Intel® has not defined any embedded chipset of the Kaby Lake series, the chipsets used are from the Skylake. series. Mini PC Fanless ECS-9000-4G The first product, a Vecow fanless mini PC, is the ECS-9000-4G model. The commercial success of…

28 September 2017

Kaby Lake Intel® i Core™ – What is new

Kaby Lake is the codename for the evolution of Skylake architecture and is the seventh generation of Intel® i Core ™ processors. Like the previous generation, Kaby Lake is based on the 14nm production process and it represents only a relatively simple revision of the previous one. However, we will analyse in detail the improvements that have…

26 July 2017

Panel PCs based on Intel N2930 architecture

In this post we will analyze 2 Aplex Panel PCs’ models specifically designed for industrial automation or machinery applications: ARCHMI 815/P ARCHMI 817/P Both models are based on Intel Celeron N2930 architecture. The quad core processor with a clock of 1.83 GHz offers remarkably interesting performance against a TDP of only 7.5W. The two Panel…

29 June 2017

Passenger Information and Video Surveillance

The use of PCs in transport applications is constantly increasing and more industrial PC manufacturers develop ad hoc products for “passenger information” and video surveillance. Passenger Information “Passanger information” means all the information that the carrier of the transports, (be they trains or buses), wants to share with the users of the means. In this…

23 May 2017

Machine Vision & Quality Control

This month the newsletter is dedicated to Machine Vision and Quality Control applications. Our customers who work in these industries, are more and more using GPUs as processing units; especially NVIDIA cards, thanks to CUDA libraries, are among the most used. From the HW point of view, having a PC provided by the manufacturer with…

18 April 2017

Here it comes the new platform Atom Braswell!

New Platform ATOM Braswell Braswell is the phase of the tick baytrail platform. We should remember that in the tick stage there is the reduction of lithography; in fact we move from 22nm to 14nm of the baytrail Braswell. Intel actually uses this reduction in the processor die to make improvements to the previous phase…

30 March 2017

Aplex: a partnership based on quality

We would like to present you the wide range of Panel PCs and monitor produced by Aplex company. Our longstanding partnership with Aplex gave us the opportunity to work with their products on several applications, having the possibility to verify the excellent quality and timely technical support. WHY APLEX APLEX is a world leader in…

31 January 2017

Mobile Skylake: 2 series of processors

Today we look at the world of mobile Skylake 6th generation of Intel® Core ™ processors Unlike the single S-series of desktop, here we find two series of mobile processors: H SERIES U SERIES Why has Intel® produced two series of processors? The answer is visible in the analysis of the most obvious differences, which are: architecture…

20 December 2016

Merry Christmas to all of you

MERRY CHRISTMAS This Christmas we chose to donate! The amount typically invested in the purchase of Christmas gifts, was donated to the Charity Pane Quotidiano located in Stradella (Pavia – Italy)… in a special way!   PANE QUOTIDIANO Centro caritativo di Stradella (PV)   Pane Quotidiano is an ‘association which belongs to the parish of Saints Nabor…

24 November 2016

Some information for the correct sizing of the CPU

Sizing the CPU: how to do it properly We all know the i3 i5 i7 processors – present on Skylake S architecture – but we maybe do not know in depth about the main features and their differences. This newsletter aims to clarity this aspects, in order to provide some more information for the correct sizing of the…

27 October 2016

New series of fanless PC Vecow ECS-9000 based on Skylake desktop architecture

We are pleased to introduce you the new series of fanless PC Vecow series ECS-9000 based on Skylake desktop architecture. Mini PC ECS-9000-2G Mini PC ECS-9000-9R Mini PC ECS-9000-6FR The ECS-7000 series, equipped with the Ivy Bridge third generation, had a huge commercial success. We hope it will be repeated with this new series. From the aesthetic…

22 July 2016

fanless mini PCs based on Skylake 6th generation mobile Intel® i-core

We are going to complete our introduction to the Intel® architecture sixth-generation i-core processors with 2 mini PCs, based on the Skylake mobile platform: Mini PC ECS-9710-820Q series Mini PC SPC-3520-600U series The first one based on Skylake mobile architecture H while the second one is based on the U. We would like to remind you that all the Skylake…

20 June 2016

mini PC fanless Skylake S and SD631 board chipset C236 e Q170

After giving wide space to the technological innovations introduced by Intel thanks to the Skylake platform, both in the desktop version and mobile, TPOLE is now going to present two Skylake architecture desktop-based products: Mini PC RCS-9440R model by Vecow DFI board SD631 model, available with chipset Q170 and C236 Fanless mini PC based on…

9 June 2016

Summer closing period and headquarter moving

During the month of August, TPole will move to its new headquarter. As usual, we will ask our customers to schedule deliveries before and after the summer shutdown period. This year, the closing period will be longer than usual to allow us to move our offices and production area. Please note that we will process…

20 May 2016

SKYLAKE mobile 6th generation of Intel® i Core™ processors

After introducing the Skylake architecture, TPOLE now presents the SKYLAKE mobile version. The first thing to point out in relation to these architectures is that they are all SoC (system on chip), and the chipset (which for Haswell platform was the QM87) is integrated directly into the processor.This is due to the fact that the reduction…

26 April 2016

mini ITX SKYLAKE Boards

We present two mini ITX Skylake boards, one based on chipset H110 and the other on Q170 chipset. SD103-H110 >> SD103-Q170 >> SD103-Q170 >> Ask for more information HD Graphics 530 Skylake and DDR4 Skylake: benchmark of some i7 processors SKYLAKE 6° generation of Intel® i Core™ processors

26 April 2016

HD Graphics 530

HD Graphics 530 is the name that Intel has given to the new integrated GPU on Skylake processors and represents a major innovation of this family of processors. Some important aspects are: excellent performance support DirectX 12 Support of Open CL2,0 support of Open GL 4.4 Support of Ultra HD 4K resolution The first important…

26 April 2016

Skylake and DDR4

  The Skylake processors support both DDR3 / L memories and DDR4 / L, so it will be possible to find boards that, despite having the same architecture, support different RAM, for example. DFI on the boards with H110 mounted DDR3 / L.   The possibility of using DDR4 is one of the great innovations of Skylake….

26 April 2016

Skylake: benchmark of some i7 processors

Below the benchmark data for some i7 processors from the Skylake family chosen for different TDP and clock values: Intel® Core ™ i7-6700T Processor 8M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz, 35W TDP Intel® Core ™ i7-6700 Processor 8M Cache, up to 4:00 GHz, 65W TDP Intel® Core ™ i7-6700K Processor 8M Cache, up to 4.20…

26 April 2016

SKYLAKE 6° generation of Intel® i Core™ processors

TPole presents SKYLAKE, the 6th generation of desktop processors Intel® i Core™ Skylake is the name that Intel® has chosen for the 6th generatio of desktop processors i Core™. It is the introduction of a new technology. The lithography is unchanged, the same as the 5th generation Broadwell (tick phase after Haswell) to 14nm. It changed the socket…

4 April 2016

TPole and the new partnership with Volktek

We would like to share with you the reasons why we chose the company Volktek  as our supplier of switches and industrial media converter to complement our product range. The selection parameters are of course many, but we want to emphasize the most important: Historical presence in the world of industrial switches. Volktek infact, was founded in…

4 April 2016

Switch for Video Surveillance Applications

The model we recommended for surveillance applications is the industrial Ethernet managed switche INS-8648P. This managed switch, in fact, is distinguished by some peculiar characteristics: Find out more about Switch INS-8684P INTERFACE Ports 8 x 10/100/1000Base-T (PoE RJ-45) 4 x Gigabit SFP Slots 1 x Console Port (RJ-45 to RS-232) PoE Functions Power Available at PD…

4 April 2016

Switch for Industrial Automation

For industrial automation applications we recommend the INS-8648M model because, in addition to the features listed below, it also supports the Modbus protocol. This product is also suitable for marine applications as it is DNV certificate. Discover more about the Switch INS-8684M INTERFACE Ports 8 x 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ-45) 4 x Gigabit SFP Slots 1 x…

14 March 2016

Motherboard Server Grade EP2C612D16C-4L

New Motherboard Server Grade EP2C612D16C-4L TPOLE presents the new motherboard server grade by ASROCK EP2C612D16C-4L based on Haswell architecture with chipset C612 and equipped withIntel Xeon E5 v3 processors.   Here the comparison chart between the new and previous CPUs.     Technical features:  16 DDR4 2133/1866/1600 4 + 1(IPMI) Lan 5 USB 3.0 3 PCIe x 16, 2 PCIe x…

14 March 2016

Fanless mini PC ECS-8000 PoER

Here it is the new Fanless mini PC ECS-8000 PoER. TPOLE presents the new fanless mini PC  by Vecow: ECS-8000 PoER, based on the 5th generation of Intel Processors Boradwell i7-5850EQ and i7-5700EQ. The fanless mini PC is available in two different versions of processor: Intel® Core™ i7-5850EQ Processor 6M Cache, base frequency 2,7 GHz with turbo boost 3.40 Ghz Intel® Core™ i7-5700EQ…

22 February 2016

Why Choose TPole?

TPOLE sets itself up as a technology partner with which cutting-edge applications to develop:  from the provision of boards, embedded systems and industrial pc, to the development of innovative solutions. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering excellent standards of product quality and a highly professional technical support and advisory service. Quality in details!   Assembling…

15 February 2016

TPole new website is now online

TPOLE is pleased to announce the new website. The new website in characterized by completely renewed graphics, excellent visualization on all devices and many new features! Have a look! Single Board Computers > Computer on Module > SBC Embedded > SBC Industriali > Server grade > Peripherals Embedded PC > Box PC > Box PC Fanless > Box PC Rugged > mii77 HMI…

2 February 2016

Panel PC 15” model SP-6205

TPOLE presents the new panel PC 15” by Protech model SP-6205. This Panel PC is based on Ivy Bridge architecture with QM77 chipset and can mount Intel® CPU cores of III generation with maximum TDP of 35W.   Front Panel IP65 5 wire Resistive Touch Screen Power Supply 9-36 Vdc Fanless   Here you can find the…

2 February 2016

Panel PC 21.5″ model MTC 2021

TPole presents the Panel PC model MTC 2021 by Vecow. The Panel PC is equipped with Intel® Atom™ processor quad core E3845. This product is characterized by a very elegant outlook, the new projective capacitive touch screen and a large number of external interfaces and advanced technology solutions. It is an ultra-compact Panel PC 21.5…

2 February 2016

Custom Server Solutions

Industrial PCs based on server architectures In some technologically advanced applications, there is a growing need of high computing power, high number of cores and high number of PCIe lanes for interfacing with add on cards. The answer to these requests are industrial PCs based on server architectures.   Reduced Lenght ChassisIndustrial Chassis ideal to…

30 May 2013

Why is TPole called this way?

Are you wondering why TPole is so called and why our logo is characterized by a totem surrounded by a circle? Here is what the founder of TPole told us about the origins of the company logo. “It was 1995, one of those evenings you spend with friends and miss even if many years have gone…