Custom Solutions

Solution provider for Embedded and Industrial PC

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to grow our expertise on technology and manufacturing processes, materials and certifications, project management and maintenance of the product.

These valuable skills, made available to the customer, allows us to be proactive and effective in defining the solution.

Here are some examples of activities that we can supply

Custom or Semi-Custom products design and production

Thanks to our long time experience and to our good relationship with suppliers, we can project completely custum oriented solutions.

Those who choose TPole as technology partner can feel free to ask for solutions for their needs.

We differentiate our solutions in:

– Custom: we mean a completely new product in terms of mechanical design and/or electronic
– Semi-Custom: we mean an existing product to which we apply mechanical changes and/or electronic

Hardware customization

– design and production of customized boards, I / O and power supply modules, accordingly to customer’s requirements
– completely ad hoc mechanics design and production, accordingly to customer’s requirements
– design and production of custom cable kit
– removal of components and unnecessary functionality (strip off) to reduce the cost for batch production.

Hardware integration

– integration of add on module (cots or custom) on our miniPC (SIM holder, WiFi, UMTS, LTE, 3G/4G, geo GPS od Sync GPS clock, etc)
– integration of third parties add on cards
– addition of fans to optimize thermal dissipation
– assembling of complex systems using components and parts provided by the customer

BIOS/Firmware customization

– BIOS default settings customization
– BIOS customization for resources and functios (IRS, ISA reserved resources, etc)

Tests and Certifications

– CE, FCC certifications for custom products
– we can do thermal tests and specific tests agreed with customers to verify performance and operating specifications

Operating Systems

On all products you can use Microsoft Embedded operating systems, in both workstations (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10), in both the server (Server 2008, Server 2012, etc.).
TPole is Microsoft® partner for the distribution and operating system support in the industrial field, to have more informations visit the page dedicated to operating systems.