TPole: your technological partner

Based in Portalbera (PV), since 1995 TPOLE has been providing PC based solutions to the industrial automation and embedded applications sector. Having grown steadily and exponentially over the years since 2007, it serves the entire Italian market, standing out in the panorama of hardware distribution for its very high added value approach.

TPOLE proposes itself as a technological partner with which to develop cutting-edge solutions: from the supply of boards, embedded systems and industrial PCs , to the development of innovative solutions, our goal is to exceed the expectations of each customer, offering excellent quality product standards and an unparalleled consulting service and technical support .

Our professionals are distinguished by their know-how, the result of technical expertise and years of experience gained in the field, representing a safe and reliable point of reference for our customers.

Our products and services

As a solution provider , we support every phase of the integration of our products into the customer’s application, from the presale , to the production , up to post-sale .

Our skills exceed the simple supply of the product and cover all aspects of the implementation of a pc-based application, including the needs of hardware assembly and customization, custom design, testing and software support .

Typically, we help the customer to choose the product that best meets its technical specifications and guide it through the offer of standard, semi-custom and custom solutions, providing, where required, customized engineering services. We test every single product before delivering it and provide technical assistance for the duration of its entire life cycle.

Our product range includes:

  • SBCs and Motherboards
  • Peripherals
  • Embedded PCs
  • Industrial PCs
  • Industrial Monitors
  • Industrial Switches
  • Industrial Servers -HPC

Our added value

We can boast an in-depth knowledge of technologies, markets and sector dynamics.

Our salespeople are experts in pre-sales support , which is essential for sizing product performance and costs, and are committed to guaranteeing the supply of stable hardware , available over time . Our engineers are electronics and information technology specialists . They work closely with our suppliers, and are able to design custom products as well as to make customizations both at the hardware level and at the BIOS level.

On the software front, they have the knowledge necessary to support operating systems such as Linux, Windows XP, Windows CE and Windows 7, and are qualified to develop images Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7), Windows Standard 8 (WES8) and Windows 10 IOT . TPole is proud to be a member of the Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP) .

Within the technical department our operators test each product to verify its performance, thermal balance, reliability, robustness and construction quality. We also have an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) , in which the systems are assembled, which, before being delivered, undergo severe Burn In tests . In the post-sale phase, we apply rigorous methods of troubleshooting and product traceability , key tools that have always allowed us to solve any technical problem encountered in the specific application of the customer.

These skills have enabled us to forge important partnerships over the years with leading industries in the photovoltaic, medical, military applications and video surveillance market.

Our Logo

Are you wondering why TPole is called this and why our logo is characterized by a totem surrounded by a circle?

Both answers have to do with our idea of ​​technology, designed to be at the service of people and their planning. In this sense, the circle, at the same time perfect geometric shape and expression of natural harmony, and the totem, symbol par excellence of the ability of human abstraction, well represent this ideal of useful and human-sized technological development.

Hence the logo, a totem inscribed in a circle, and the name “TPole”, as “Totem-Pole” but also as “Tecnology-Pole”, or the pole of attraction for those who share our idea of ​​technology .
If you want to know the whole history of our logo read the article dedicated to it .

Our values

We are proud of the professionalism and the seriousness that distinguish us, and we move within the market basing our action on the values ​​of transparency and responsibility . We never leave the customer alone with his product, and every problem is first of all ours.

The attention to the customer combined with a solid technical competence make TPole the ideal choice for any company that wants to devote itself to its core business, leaving the management of hardware issues to a reliable and helpful partner.

TPole for social

In TPole we act in the belief that our way of operating can influence the social context in which we place ourselves.

We are committed to setting an example for the society around us. Solidarity, social commitment and respect for the environment are an integral part of TPole’s value system and are the basis of the lifestyle we lead here every day.

Energy saving, compliance with ROHS and WEEE regulations, separate collection, support of social and cultural activities at local level. These are, of course, small actions … but it is through small actions that great results are obtained!