Solution provider for Embedded and Industrial PC

In TPole we want to work with ambitious people, with strong motivation and absolute competence. We offer a dynamic, stimulating and rewarding work environment, with great opportunities of growth, training and development of new knowledge and aptitudes.

The job at TPole is characterized by the sharing of tasks and responsibilities in such a way that everybody can grow technically and professionally.

We guarantee a tight collaboration relationship: the opinion of any individual is taken into consideration and is often an integral part of our projects.

In TPole we listen to everyone’s requirements and we act to improve everybody’s job.

TPole for the people who work there:

“Cohesion and team spirit! This is TPole”

Enrico, Administration

“What mostly amazes me of our firm is the mixture of values and behaviour that are only apparently contrasting: the big professionalism and the homely atmosphere, the love for technology united to the human values that seem to belong to a past world, the pleasure of playing a leading role sharing our successes with the other members of the staff. For this reason and for much other else, I feel lucky to be one of them”

Paolo I, Sales & Marketing

“Besides quality and reliability at work, I appreciate the team spirit that is present whenever we have to face any kind of problem.”

Lorenzo, Assembly and Test Dept.

“I like the idea of entirety we breathe in TPole; it is very interesting and stimulating to work and get in touch with people of other continents The modus operandi of TPole makes me feel proud of being part of it. The behaviour towards customers and suppliers is always professional, serious and transparent. The organization of the work is like the one of a big enterprise.

TPole group is the achievement of the idea of a team working together. People of different ages and experience work together helping each other, respectfully and rigorously.

Everybody feels responsible for taking on TPole targets.When I speak of TPole, I don’t like to do it as “the enterprise”. It is an impersonal definition that gives the idea of indifference, of an “unconnected” Organization for which we work. TPole is my job, I am part of it and I am proud of it.”

Paolo T, R&D Dept.