As a solution provider , we support you at every stage of the integration of our products into your application.

Pre-sale support

Our sales technicians are experts in pre-sales support , essential for sizing the performance and costs of the product, and are committed to guaranteeing the supply of stable hardware, available over time. Typically, we help the customer to choose the product that best meets its technical specifications and guide it through the offer of standard, semi-custom and custom solutions, providing, where required, custom engineering .

For any commercial request, you can send an e-mail to

After-sales support

We apply rigorous methods of troubleshooting and product traceability , key tools that have always allowed us to solve any technical problem encountered in the specific application of the customer.

This has always been TPOLE’s strong point. Thanks to the experience of our technicians, highly trained, specialized staff and with long years of direct experience in the field, we help the customer to solve those strange, random and not easily reproducible problems that often can jeopardize the image of his product, to the risk of compromising its success on the market.

n all these years, in fact, we have always shown ourselves capable of solving even the most difficult and complex problems, so much so that we have ensured a very high loyalty of our customers, an element that constitutes the solid basis of our growth.

For technical assistance requests, you can send an e-mail to

RMA procedure

In the post-sale phase, we manage the RMA (Return Material Authorization) directly .

The activity of RMA in TPOLE is not limited to the management of the defective material, that is, the forwarding of this to the manufacturer for analysis and repair. We have specialized personnel who take care of analyzing the defective material returning from the field.

After careful analysis of the description of the malfunction provided by the customer, we verify its actual occurrence and, once the problem is duplicated, we proceed to repair the product, if possible directly in TPOLE. If the malfunction is not found, however, we contact the customer to deepen the analysis, starting a troubleshooting activity that ends only when the problem has been identified. In these cases, we always request the customer’s willingness to provide us with all the information necessary for duplicating the problem and, if possible, to carry out checks with him, in order to be able to operate in the same conditions, an often essential prerequisite for reproducing the problem in a systematic way.

For inquiries regarding an RMA, you can send an e-mail to

Customer Area

Our customers have access to a protected online area dedicated to them where they are available:

  • Download Area
  • Test Report
  • RMA Management

The download area is used as a sharing space for DVD images of the operating systems used and for other large files such as backups, different versions of the delivery image, etc.

RMA management allows you to request an RMA number to send a product for repair or for a test agreed with our technicians. Once registered, the RMA identifies the return file and the customer can view the status of the repairs and at the end of the procedure he can download the report of the activities performed on the returned product.

Click on Customer Area to access the protected section.