Technical Support

Solution provider for Embedded and Industrial PC

As a Solution Provider, TPOLE supports every stage of the integration of its products into the customers’ applications.

Pre-sales Support

Our sales are export on pre-sale support pivotal in order to assess products’ performances and prices and are committed to guaranteeing for the supplì of a stable hardware, available over time.

Tipically, we help our customers to find the product that better matches their techincal specifications, and lead them through the the supply of standard, semi-custom and custom solutions, providing also engineering services.

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Post-sales Support

We apply rigorous methods of troubleshooting and product tracking, key tools that enable us to always work out any technical problem in customers’ applications.
All along, this has been the strength of TPOLE.

Thanks to our experienced technicians professional staff, well trained and with many years of experience on the ground, we help our customers to solve those strange, random and not easily reproducible problems, which can often undermine the image of their products, to the extent of threatening their success on the market.

During all these years, we have always proven ourselves to solve even the most difficult and complex problems, so to have secured a very high loyalty from our customers -element, this, which is the solid foundation of our growth.

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Procedura di RMA

At post-sale stage, we manage RMA (Return Material Authorization) directly by our own.

At post-sale stage, we manage RMA (Return Material Authorization) directly by our own.

The activity of RMA in TPOLE is not limited to the management of failure material, ie the forwarding of this to the manufacturer for analysis and repair. We have specialized staff who is in charge of analyzing the material of return from the field.

After carefully listening to the description of the malfunctioning that the customer provides us, we verify the actual occurrence, and once found the problem, proceed to repair the product, if possible directly in TPOLE.

If the malfunctioning does not occur, however, we get in touch again with the customer in order to deepen our analysis, giving rise to a troubleshooting activity that ends only when the problem has been identified.

In these cases we always ask for customer’s availability to provide all the informations necessary to duplicate the problem and, if possible, to carry out checks with him, in order to operate in the same originary conditions of operation of the product -condition, this one, often essential to duplicate the problem systematically.

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Customer Area

Our customers have access to protected online area dedicated to them, which contains:

– Download Area
– Test Report
– Management RMA

The download area is used as a shared space for DVD images of operating systems used and for other large files

RMA management allows you to request an RMA number to send a product for repair or for a test agreed with our technicians. Once registered, the RMA number identifies the item on the queue, the customers can view the status of RMA and once closed the procedure they can download the report of the activities performed on the returned product.

Click on Customer Area to access the protected section.