In TPole we developed a series of tools to perform the acquisition and recovery of operating system images based on freely available Microsoft tools and not by choice by using third-party backup and restore software.

The use of Microsoft procedures and tools allows you to store and restore operating system images in the cleanest possible way and consequential to the actions performed, facilitating the operation and avoiding problems during the image production phase.

We provide our customers, included in the development of a custom image or as an accessory service for the recovery or implementation of the archived operating system images, the development of:

  • RestoreTool : automatic recovery USB support, useful for performing the restore or as a production tool for deploying the operating system on the system. Allows the procedure to be performed in unattend mode, requiring only consent in boot phase.
  • Recovery partition : bootable recovery partition defined directly on the product system, useful for quickly and without additional tools to restore the system state to its original conditions.
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