Complete traceability, assembly done in EPA AREA and functional tests to guarantee the highest quality for each produced system.


The management of the boards and the assembly of the systems take place within an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) area, with limited access to technical personnel only and in any case with adequate antistatic clothing. The serial number of each product, as well as of each single managed part, is detected by reading the bar code, in order to ensure its traceability.

Each individual workstation is equipped with a terminal to allow staff to view the assembly procedures defined by the technical office in order to guarantee the repeatability of the supply (wiring mode, component positioning, verification of the hardware and firmware version, deployment the operating system and any customer application).

Functional test

The test operations of the systems and the functional tests of the monitors are carried out in a special area equipped with trolleys built ad hoc, wired so as to bring the power supply and the network connection to all the devices housed. The area, thus organized, allows you to manage numerous productions in an organized and orderly way.Le operazioni di test dei sistemi e i test di funzionamento dei monitor vengono eseguiti in un’area apposita e attrezzata con carrelli costruiti ad hoc, cablati in modo da portare l’alimentazione e la connessione di rete a tutti i dispositivi alloggiati. L’area, così organizzata, permette di gestire produzioni numerose in modo organizzato ed ordinato.

All cards, displays and monitors must pass a functional test which verifies 100% of the available features , while all systems must also pass a Burn In test, during which operate all the system peripherals continuously and for a long period.

At this point, the systems that are compliant are prepared for shipment to the customer, while those that have not passed the test or behaved in a way that does not comply with our production standard are identified and diverted to the hands of the technical support staff.

Test report

The test reports are available online, each of our customers using the credentials to access the protected area can download the test reports of their articles.