Solution provider for Embedded and Industrial PC

AEWIN Advanced Embedded & Network Solutions provides cutting edge solutions for the world of networking, gaming and embedded industry.

The 30% of AEWIN employees are employed in the research and development that ensures the realization of professional and highly innovative solutions.

AEWIN Advanced Embedded & Network Solutions: solutions for the world of networking and embedded applications

Founded in 2000, AEWIN is headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan), it provides ODM / OEM solutions and is certified ISO-9001/14001.

TPole has chosen AEWIN as a partner for the importance that this company addresses to innovations and market trends, as well as the desire to integrate the solutions with innovative and reliable embedded technologies to maximize computing performance.

The 30% of AEWIN – Advanced Embedded & Network Solutions – employees is employed in the Research and Development area.

AEWIN has developed a great technical expertise and the ability to create high quality products for the networking market, gaming and embedded systems.

All AEWIN products are customized according to the specific needs of each client in order to offer innovative solutions for emerging and established markets.

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