Embedded PC Rugged PC Box  


Solution provider for Embedded and Industrial PC
General Features

– Modular design supports variable stack heights

– Three basic size profiles available to reduce time to market

– Front I/O plate can be easily customized for feature and function

– High and Low ingress protection (IP) systems possible via high IP modular chassis design coupled with full custom, quick-turn faceplate/backplate and high IP connectors

– Thermally conductive base, ribbed sidewalls and finned top for superior conductive and radiative cooling

– Easily support changes to long-running projects without replacing entire enclosure

– Only available as part of full system design

Ordering Informations
8200-LP Modular Enclosure, Low Profile, 2 Card
8200-P1 Modular Enclosure, Plus 1, 4 Card
8200-P2 Modular Enclosure, Plus 2, 6 Card


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