Assembling & test

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Product Qualification

All items sold by TPOLE are checked by qualified staff intended to verify products’ performances, heat balance, reliability, durability and design construction. Only having passed last long stress tests, and only once that all the technical documentation has been collected, the product is published on the web-site and therefore made available for sale.


The handling of the boards and the assembly of the systems take place within our Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA), where entry is allowed only to our technical staff wearing proper antistatic clothes. Each product’s and each item’s serial number is detected by reading out its bar code, so to ensure their traceability.

Every single workstation is equipped with the terminal to allow personnel to view the assembly procedures defined by the technical office in order to ensure the repeatability of the supply (wiring style, positioning of the components, verification of the version of hardware and firmware, the deploy operating system and any application of the customer).

Functioning Test

Systems and monitors functioning tests are run in a special area equipped with ad hoc shelves, wired so as to bring power and network connection to all devices housed. This area, thus organized, enable us to manage large productions in a structured and orderly way.

All boards, displays and monitors must pass a functional test that checks 100% of the features available, while all systems must pass a test of Burn In, during which they are operated continuously and for a long time all devices system.

At this stage of the process, the systems that comply are shipped to customers, while those that haven’t complied or haven’t performed accordingly to our severe production standards are identified and diverted into the hands of our technical support staff .

Test Report

The test reports are available online, every customer using the credentials of the protected area may download the test report of their products.